Because of the fast growth in science, finding information is not difficult to find. Everyday, people use the internet to search for almost anything. Using Google, one can already find what he is looking for. Just by typing a keyword, Google can find anything. Because of it, one can probably think that the World Wide Web is very huge because it can store huge amount of data. However, the data that Google or other famous search engines can find are just a minute part of its totality. The surface web is the one that is visible to everyone. What Google or other famous search engine know, have been just a 0.03% of the totality of the internet. If one would use a special browser that can go beyond the surface web, that person can find that the world wide web is so huge that no one can imagine. The other part of the web that is not visible to everyone, is called the deep web.

What is a deep web

Using a typical browser and a search engine, nobody can find the data stored in a deep web. The data stored in it are intentionally or unintentionally hidden. Commonly, the browsers that are used to search in the deep web make its user anonymous to everyone. Which is the reason why whistleblowers and criminals use the advantages that the deep web can offer. The deep web is also known as a dark web, invisible web, or the hidden web. The most remote place of the dark web is called the shadow web.

The science of a surface web and a deep web

On a surface web, a typical search engine creates an index of data, something that is like a map, to find the information within any websites. To find this information, a search engine uses spiders or crawlers to locate the domains and hyperlinks to other domains. The index is very important in finding information based on the keyword that was typed by the user. What makes the deep web invisible is that, search engines cannot find the data stored in the deep web. Typical search engines are not capable of indexing the data stored in the deep web. Specialized browsers and search engines are needed to find the data in the deep web.

Advantages and disadvantages of the deep web

As time goes by, science becomes more complicated and dangerous. The deep web exists for the primary purpose of anonymous expression. Through the deep web, a person who has problems with the government or with other stuff, like the whistleblowers and crime witnesses and people like these, can express what‘s on their mind without revealing their identity through the use of the deep web. However, there are people who use these benefits to do evil things like selling illegal merchandise and child pornography. The deep web reveals the true nature of a human being. If they can use it for good or for evil.