It is becoming difficult for parents nowadays to keep up with the latest technology their children are using online. As a parent, you have to learn how to teach your children to control their use of Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. With every application that comes along, additional features are presented that are almost similar to other applications. If you know the basic functions of these applications, you can help your children avoid social media troubles such as over sharing and cyber-bullying. Due to too much exposure, children can also be too confident for their own good. Parents should deal with these issues as early as possible to prevent serious family problems from arising. Limit your children’s access to social media while you can.

Avoid Inappropriate Features and Contents

You don’t have to isolate your children from using a particular app. Most children can use apps safely. They don’t really try all the features an app offers. You can disable some harmful features of the app to prevent them from causing a problem. The best way to deal with this problem is by discussing the issue with your children. Tell them to use social media responsibly, respectfully, and safely. They have to limit their posts and avoid sharing things that are too personal. They should also avoid using social media to demean or make fun of other kids. Lastly, teach them to avoid following people who post not-so good stuff online.

Public Post and Location Settings

Nowadays, most apps allow people to share a public or private profile. Some applications are public by default, so your personal identification can be seen by anyone. They can also see your pictures and posts. So what should you do? When your child uses a new app, go to the setting and check the defaults. Moreover, apps nowadays can also detect your location. So wherever you are, people who don’t even know you may be able to see your current location. Some people don’t mind this, but for security reasons, you should always make sure that your child’s location is not available to everyone.


Video Streaming

Live streaming allows people to share videos to their friends and loved ones who live in different parts of the country. Your child may use this app without your knowledge and without knowing exactly who the audience is. Though you might think this will be temporary, these things can be easily recorded and shared later. What you need to do is ask your kids about their use of live video streaming and their purpose for sharing it. Tell them what they can and can’t share on their accounts. Teach your children to be positive and creative in sharing videos, making sure that they are not harmful or offending to everyone who might view them online.