Our world today has become more aware of the importance of taking good care of one’s self. It is easier said than done though. Being healthy does not just mean that one is not sick. Health and wellness must encompass the entire well-being of a person. However, we often pay more attention to our physical health not realizing that our mental and psychological well-being is as important too. With the stresses that we deal with everyday, it is not impossible that we would develop symptoms of the most common psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or depression, both of which are even more detrimental to the self and to the people that surround them. Technology has found its way to aid in achieving an equilibrium for the mind and body.

Monitoring your mental health

Regarding our worries and cares, you can always rely on your friends and family if ever you need to talk to someone. There are some things though, if not many, that we couldn’t bring ourselves to talk to about with anyone. This could raise our stress levels and pose more damage. Talkspace is an app that provides an avenue for clients to talk to a licensed therapist about the things that bother them. With this simple messaging app, the therapist and client could have a one on one session anytime of the day.
Another popular app is Optimism; an app that helps keep track your mood. There is also a journal and a way to record your recovery progress through standard tools that test for anxiety and depression. Another interesting app that aims to save lives is Operation Reach Out. With the suicide rates hiking all over the world, this app helps anyone who is having suicidal thoughts to step back and think things through.

Being in tune with your inner self

Aside from getting someone to talk to in times of darkness, one way to keep your mind healthy is through meditation. There are apps that provide different kinds of meditation. Headspace is an app that requires 10 minutes from your day to meditate. The app comes with a progress page and it could even connect you to other users for moral support to keep you on track. Insight Timer is an app that guides you throughout the meditation process. It offers you silence when you need it and you will slowly be taken back into consciousness by the sound of native drums in the background. An app that plays nature sounds in the background when you don’t feel like doing anything else but to focus is Calm. It makes breathing easier by releasing tension and anxiety as you are guided through relaxation. There are studies that show that peaceful scenery could also calm the mind. Magic Window Living Pictures is an app that collects beautiful nature views from all over the world.