Innovations in information technology and other technological aspects have always made a significant impact on society. Today, the changes that technology are making in regards to information technology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, are also bound to change the operations of our post-industrial society.

Even with many changes that have happened in history aside from technology, the mindset the previous generations have had when it comes to technological development is still harbored by people of today. Hopefully, this will change with future technological advancements.

There have been new technological advancements currently developing that will eventually change the attitude of societies. For the sake of the human race’s survival, there are some steps that must be taken. Here are some of the driving forces that will eventually lead nations to start changing their perspective and start taking control of the advancements in information technology.

Digital Economy

The digital economy is extremely different from the economy that we are used to seeing. Products and services which are offered in the digital world are starting to become important aspects of a nation’s economic status, but only the production of these products requires actual human labor – the digital aspect cost nothing.

In effect, jobs are lost. More skilled professionals are left unemployed or underemployed, and those that focus only in the digital world will remain supreme. Just look at the success of companies that focus on the digital world, such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Slow Deterioration of Democracy and the Middle Class

In developed nations, the middle class is slowly becoming obsolete. The financial gap which separates them from the super-rich is starting to increase in size, and eventually there will come a point when the middle class will be absorbed into the lower class, and we will only be left with the rich and poor classifications.

This will lead to great changes in taxation laws and in the convergence of a few powerful political figures. With the hold that governments have in technology including rights to privacy and access, there will come a time in the future where democratic rights might also be eroded.

New Narratives Are Now Being Needed

In the past, the only theme that can be constantly seen across the entire world is the struggle between the rich and the poor. However, as years passed by and as technology progressed, this clear distinction between the two opposing parties has become vague. The way people live, the things they believe in, and the lifestyles that they subscribe to have constantly changed thanks to what technology provided, and there is no one in the world that has the permission to monitor these events.

The narratives which used to keep nations intact before, including class and religion, have now become obsolete concepts that are only subscribed by the countries that are “stuck up” in the old ways. Technology has changed the way people live so drastically that everyone is now just focusing on what problems exist right now, and instead of solving those problems, technology and the free market actually fuels them.